What are Packages?

Packages are a bundle of rides or kilometres offered at a discount. When you buy a package, you pay for your discounted rides or KMs up front and save BIG in the long run! It’s the best way to save on daily transportation.

Why should I use Packages?

Ride packages

Pay up front for a set number of discounted rides. For any ride that costs less than the pre-defined discount, you pay nothing. Otherwise, you’ll only be charged the difference between your ride cost and the discount amount.

KM packages

Pay up front for a set number of kilometres. Your kilometres will be deducted for each ride based on how far you travelled.

How do I buy a package?

It’s easy! You can buy Packages right through the app. You can pay using a credit or debit card,  which you can top-up by paying your captain extra cash after a trip,.